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Eddie Lacy Interview Video: Nov. 12, 2012

Injury Update: Lacy’s head and Fulton’s toe on opposite ends of spectrum

As he did last week with Anthony Steen, Alabama head coach Nick Saban omitted the minor injuries from his press conference injury briefing, including Eddie Lacy’s head/neck.

Lacy took several hard hits during the loss to Texas A&M, but one found him in the right spot and sent him to the bench for a while after jarring his neck and head.

“It was a bad hit, a pretty bad hit,” Lacy said. “My neck still hurts a little bit, but I’m rehabbing it and it’s getting a lot better.”

The worries of a concussion were not present at the time for Lacy and they remain that way.

Lacy said his head was cleared right away on the sidelines, simply that, “It was just more pain than anything else.”

The serious injury on the news front belongs to cornerback John Fulton as he is suffering from turf toe, an injury he battled through against the Aggies.

“He actually finished the game with it,” Saban said. “It really swelled up quite a bit and all that. He may be very questionable for this particular game.”

Fulton was able to earn Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts alongside C.J. Mosley. Their contributions, plus those of other Players of the Week, can be seen here.

You can also see the rest of Nick Saban’s press conference here, and other video of Lacy speaking with the media here.

Cyrus Kouandjio Interview Video: Nov. 12, 2012

Lacy moving from student to teacher

In 2010, Eddie Lacy was a student in more ways than one.

Outside of being the student-athlete as labeled by the NCAA, he was also being taught by Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson the valuable lesson of ball control.

“When you fumble, it’s always a tough thing to get over. That’s why you have  your teammates,” Lacy said. “They’re here to support you and make you feel better about it.”

Mark Ingram (22) and Trent Richardson mentored Eddie Lacy to be a dependable ball-carrier, and now he is trying to do the same with T.J. Yeldon.
Photo courtesy of The Birmingham News

Lacy lost two fumbles in the 2010 campaign, both within the 5-yard-line as he was entering the endzone.

Although Lacy’s new student was not on the brink of the endzone, true freshman T.J. Yeldon has had two fumbles in the last two weeks, one nearly costly and the other very costly.

Yeldon let the ball slip out of his hands on the LSU 10-yard-line with 1:06 left, which LSU recovered and eventually scored on.

Yeldon did it again with 9:10 left in the Texas A&M as the ball fell into the hands of Dustin Harris. The Aggies, like the Tigers the week before, also scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession.

Lacy is trying to mold Yeldon just like Ingram and Richardson molded him and not let the fumbles derail a successful freshman season.

“It’s football, bad plays are going to happen. You’re going to make a lot of good plays, as well,” Lacy said. “You just have to get the rest of those out of your mind.”

“If a bad play happens at a bad time, you’re going to think about it a lot, but you just have to get over it and keep playing no matter what just happened.”

Coaching Staff Players of the Week: Texas A&M

Despite suffering a 29-24 loss at the hands of the Aggies, the coaching staff recognized the following players for their efforts .

Offense: Amari Cooper and Eddie Lacy. Cooper caught six passes for 136 yards, a game-high, including one touchdown of 54 yards that brought Alabama within five points of Texas A&M’s lead and another 50-yard catch in the fourth quarter. Lacy contributed 127 all-purpose yards: 92 of them on the ground on 16 carries and the other 35 on four receptions.

Defense: C.J. Mosley and John Fulton. Mosley led the team with 14 tackles, 9 of them solo efforts, and added a sack that resulted in a loss of eight yards for the Aggies. He extended his lead on the team for total tackles this season, now standing at 83. Mosley was also an Honorable Mention for SEC Player of the Week. Fulton recorded a career-high four pass break-ups while adding five tackles, four of them solo.

Special Teams: Cody Mandell. Mandell averaged 56.5 yards per punt on his four punts against the Aggies. Mandell’s strong performance, including two kicks of 60 yards, put him at No. 14 in the nation in punting with a season average of 44 yards per punt.

Nick Saban Press Conference Video: Nov. 12, 2012

Alabama head coach Nick Saban addresses the media to open the week of preparation for Western Carolina. Saban discusses dealing with losses, plus gives an update on freshman wide receiver Chris Black and more in the video below.

Alabama’s Achilles Heel? 3rd Down

“You have to execute better,” linebacker Nico Johnson said. ”It’s that simple. We didn’t execute at all starting in the LSU game. We haven’t been getting off the field at all.

“We’ve created good opportunities for ourselves on third down and just haven’t been getting off the field. We’ll have good opportunities like third and more than 12 and we’ll have a bust here and there and it costs us.”

The Tide could be looking to missed tackles as a potential cause for the third down struggles.

“You wouldn’t be asking me about it if it wasn’t an issue,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said to a reporter. “We’ve had more missed tackles, more yards after catch, after contact, the first missed tackle, especially on space plays. That’s one thing we’ve always been is a really good tackling team with a good tackling secondary. That is something that we need to improve on.”

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