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Nick Saban Press Conference Video: Nov. 28, 2012


Saban doesn’t like doing comparisons

I think most of us have been there: the guy that walks into the bar thinking he’s the hot stuff in the place, then gets turned down by half of the girls in the building?

Well, even if I thought I was hot stuff before, I definitely don’t now. I was hoping to get just a quick comment from coach on the similarities between Alabama linebacker Adrian Hubbard and Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones.

Well, I’ll let you see the results. I’ll have to come back strong on Wednesday.

Saban on Colorado State rumors: “No”

After his opening statement (which you can see with much more by clicking here), Alabama head coach Nick Saban was asked if he would comment on The Denver Post’s report that Alabama and Colorado State had agreed to a deal to play each other in 2013 and 2015.

Coach Saban shut the question down. Video evidence below:

Freshman corner Geno Smith passes WCU test with flying colors

As cornerback John Fulton sat out of the Western Carolina game with turf toe, true freshman Geno Smith took over in his place and helped the defense shut out the Catamounts.

Smith accounted for one tackle and one pass break-up while predominately playing solid man coverage to hold Western Carolina to 93 passing yards.

Fla Atlantic Alabama Football “He’s come a long way. He’s continued to progress,” Lester said. “He’s one of the guys I’ve mentioned before that takes it upon himself to prepare for the games, learn the defense, which is such a complicated defense, go out there and execute the way the coaches and the players expect him to.”

Smith’s performance could be attributed to a breakthrough of sorts for the freshman.

“Geno has made nice progress this year, and to be honest with you I wish we could have played him more,” Saban said on Wednesday before the WCU game. “Sometimes with young guys they kind of all a sudden the light goes on and they got it, and they get it, and they start to play with confidence again and feel like they know what they’re doing, and they quick making a bunch of mistakes. That happened with Geno in the last couple of weeks.

“Maybe he sees a better opportunity to play, maybe that’s been a motivating factor for him, but I’ve been really pleased with his progress.”

Smith’s teammates saw his epiphany, as well.

“Being a freshman and not starting and not being one of the guys who everybody is depending on to play, he’s just kind of sitting back and taking everything in,” Lester said. “I think he realized, ‘I’m this close to playing.’ That light came on.”

Nick Saban Press Conference Video: Nov. 19, 2012

Alabama head coach Nick Saban addresses the media to kickoff  Iron Bowl week today, including talking about the team’s focus for the Auburn Tigers, true freshman running back T.J. Yeldon and more.

Injury Update: Lacy’s head and Fulton’s toe on opposite ends of spectrum

As he did last week with Anthony Steen, Alabama head coach Nick Saban omitted the minor injuries from his press conference injury briefing, including Eddie Lacy’s head/neck.

Lacy took several hard hits during the loss to Texas A&M, but one found him in the right spot and sent him to the bench for a while after jarring his neck and head.

“It was a bad hit, a pretty bad hit,” Lacy said. “My neck still hurts a little bit, but I’m rehabbing it and it’s getting a lot better.”

The worries of a concussion were not present at the time for Lacy and they remain that way.

Lacy said his head was cleared right away on the sidelines, simply that, “It was just more pain than anything else.”

The serious injury on the news front belongs to cornerback John Fulton as he is suffering from turf toe, an injury he battled through against the Aggies.

“He actually finished the game with it,” Saban said. “It really swelled up quite a bit and all that. He may be very questionable for this particular game.”

Fulton was able to earn Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts alongside C.J. Mosley. Their contributions, plus those of other Players of the Week, can be seen here.

You can also see the rest of Nick Saban’s press conference here, and other video of Lacy speaking with the media here.

Nick Saban Press Conference Video: Nov. 12, 2012

Alabama head coach Nick Saban addresses the media to open the week of preparation for Western Carolina. Saban discusses dealing with losses, plus gives an update on freshman wide receiver Chris Black and more in the video below.