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Players lash out at media

Like coach, like player.

The Crimson White, the student newspaper, published a photo of running back Jalston Fowler being carted off-the-field after his season-ending knee injury. The players took to Twitter to make their objections with the photo well-known.

***If you look closely, you can see some rather serious (and, WARNING, gruesome) damage to Fowler’s left knee.***

Clearly, Fowler is OK with that photo.


BrettAtBama Weekly Column: April 24, 2012

Now moving away from the previous series of columns, the timing could not have been better as the weekend that just passed was one of the best in recent memory. Read my take on it (with a little bit of humor and a lot more opinion) here.


BrettAtBama Baseball Recap: Vanderbilt, April 20th

Alabama got a very important series-opening win tonight against the Vanderbilt Commodores. To read about the good night in ‘Bama baseball, click the link below.


BrettAtBama Baseball Recap: Mississippi Valley State

In a disappointing performance against Mississippi Valley State, the Crimson Tide split a doubleheader with the inferior Delta Devils. Read more about the night in Alabama baseball by clicking the link below, and collect a little bit of info on the upcoming weekend series with Vanderbilt in the process.


BrettAtBama Baseball Breakdown: Mississippi Valley State

Alabama will try to right its seemingly sinking ship in a two-game midweek series with the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils. For more, click the link below to see my Crimson White story about the event.


BrettAtBama Weekly Column: April 10th

In part two of this three column series, I talk about the leadership that spring practice has pulled out of the 2012 football team and, just as a quick spoiler alert, I don’t see another 2010 letdown in this team. Read more about it by clicking the link below.


If you didn’t catch part one of this series, read it first by clicking here:


BrettAtBama Baseball Recap: Auburn, Apr. 8th

Here is my Crimson White recap of the Sunday game against Auburn, which completed the sweep.


Note: I have no idea why the headline is looking forward to the Tuesday game against UAB. I don’t write the headlines. Feel free to make fun of it, because I already have.