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Alabama’s Achilles Heel? 3rd Down

“You have to execute better,” linebacker Nico Johnson said. ”It’s that simple. We didn’t execute at all starting in the LSU game. We haven’t been getting off the field at all.

“We’ve created good opportunities for ourselves on third down and just haven’t been getting off the field. We’ll have good opportunities like third and more than 12 and we’ll have a bust here and there and it costs us.”

The Tide could be looking to missed tackles as a potential cause for the third down struggles.

“You wouldn’t be asking me about it if it wasn’t an issue,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said to a reporter. “We’ve had more missed tackles, more yards after catch, after contact, the first missed tackle, especially on space plays. That’s one thing we’ve always been is a really good tackling team with a good tackling secondary. That is something that we need to improve on.”

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BrettAtBama Radio: Weekly Podcast

In this week’s podcast, Chris and I recap Alabama’s win over LSU, preview the Texas A&M game and have a heated as to whether Alabama looked like the No. 1 team in the nation in Death Valley, and more.

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Fluker the voice of the offensive line

Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker’s voice has been heard, a lot. On the sidelines at Tiger Stadium, he was making sure everyone had their eyes on the prize, and in practice, he gets everyone singing.

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UPDATE: Below is a video mash-up of the interviews with Warmack and Fluker for the story above.

UPDATE: Center Barrett Jones chimed in on Fluker and his creative outlet known as the Get Your Mind Right song, among other things, in the Wednesday press conference.

Football Practice Notebook: Oct. 30, 2012

There’s a little something in Death Valley that the older generation of Alabama players are telling the young ones to look out for, and it has nothing to do with the crowd.

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Football Practice Notebook: Oct. 29, 2012

Denzel Devall has quite the future ahead of him if he turns out like the guy C.J. Mosley thinks of when he sees Devall. Find out who that is and more in my practice notebook.

JUCO to SEC: “Junior college isn’t exactly a walk in the park”

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Jesse Williams searching for 6?

Having a national championship ring and a starting job on of the nation’s best teams is not enough for Alabama noseguard Jesse Williams.

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