About BrettAtBama

Brettatbama.wordpress.com is a blog run by Brett Hudson: beat reporter for BamaHammer.com, sports intern for The Tuscaloosa News and Broadcaster for 90.7 WVUA, The Voice of the University of Alabama. Below you can see the very first blog post, which outlines everything you can expect from the blog.

Here at BrettAtBama, I try to bring you everything you could ever want when it comes to covering the Tide. I report the latest happenings on Alabama football in my practice Quick Hitters, while bringing the rest of the news in notebook or feature form, also all on the blog. I also bring video (sometimes several) every day and throw in the occasional photo gallery and column. Audio reports are making their way into regularity here at BrettAtBama also.

I do the same with men’s basketball. Video of player interviews and video of head coach Anthony Grant finds its way here at BrettAtBama often, including stories covering the team and the occasional audio.

One thing the blog thrives on is feedback. Please, if you ever want me to pursue a story or ever have any questions for me, shoot me an email at brettatbama@gmail.com, comment on a post or tweet to me (@BrettAtBama or @Brett_Hudson).

With that, I hope you enjoy your time on the page (and, of course, tell your friends).

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