Robert Lester sporting Auburn gear?

As a fifth-year senior from the state of Alabama, and a high school program that produces pretty good talent (Foley High School), it is a little strange to find that Alabama safety Robert Lester does not know anyone on Auburn’s team.

And he admits that.

Alabama Missouri Football“You would think I do, but I don’t think I know one person at Auburn, besides my friends that went there,” Lester said.

Those friends, however, make up for the lack of ties to the football program and spice the rivalry up nicely for Lester.

“Actually, I have a bet with a friend that I went to high school with every year that if we win, he has to take a picture in Alabama gear, and if we lose, I have to take a picture in Auburn gear,” Lester said. “And I do not like dressing up in orange and blue.”

The picture may be worth 1,000 words, but the victor of the Iron Bowl will say many more than 1,000 to the loser in the following year.

“You get bragging right for 365 days. That’s saying a lot,” Lester said. “I’ve got friends that this game means a lot to, and if we lose this game, they’re going to have a lot to say to me.”


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