Barrett Jones not much for the cinema

One of the great stories of the spring was a developing story as Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones and his younger brother, tight end/H-Back Harrison, went back-and-forth regarding Harrison’s girlfriend making him take her to see some movies that are typically reserved for the ladies, to say the least.

Maybe that was more than a brotherly love of sorts. Maybe Barrett has something against movies.

Sports movies, at least. Even when they connect to his beloved Crimson Tide.

Barrett, when asked is he had seen The Junction Boys, a movie about Paul “Bear” Bryant taking a particular Texas A&M team to the sweltering heat of Junction, Texas, for summer camp, could only respond: “Whoa – maybe on ESPN a long time ago.

“The only thing I really remember about it is some guy almost died and they had to put him in ice. I guess yes, but it was a really long time ago.”

Barrett’s move to keep innocent ignorance towards the film (which produced scenes such as this one) has nothing to do with the Alabama connection, but to the genre as a whole.

“Well, it was a movie, so they’re always a little dramatic about things,” Jones said. “Especially football movies are so dramatic. Like high school football, you have huge people who look like they’re probably from the NFL.  They’re like 28. So we don’t quite do things like in the movies.

“It’s hard, but it’s not that hard. We never had anybody die.”

The movie, released in 2002, is based off of a book with the same name published in 2000 and written by Jim Dent.


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