Saban proud of the ol’ alma mater

Homecoming is a deep-rooted tradition in which an institution’s alumni come back to the campus to reminisce on their times as students as the school and support the football team together.

Alabama head coach has conflicting obligations, to say the least, when it comes to his alma mater, Kent State, and their homecoming festivities, but that does not stop him from keeping up with his beloved Golden Flashes.

“I always try to look and see what the Kent State score was, kind of follow them week-to-week,” Saban said.

This has been a particularly good year to be associated with the Kent State football program, as the Golden Flashes stand at 8-1, 5-0 in the MAC.

The Golden Flashes beat Towson 41-21, who challenged LSU in Death Valley to a 38-22 final score, and also beat Rutgers, who traveled to Fayetteville and beat Arkansas earlier in the season.

Kent State’s one loss is on the road to an  to an SEC institution: 47-14 to Kentucky.

“It’s really good to see them having a great year,” Saban said. “It means something to me. A lot of people were very supportive and helpful to me when I was there – the coaches, the administrators that we had and the academic staff.

“I certainly appreciate that and I’m really proud of the fact that they are doing a great job and having a great year.”

Kent State is leading the MAC in interceptions, with 16, five more than Toledo in second place. Combined with the 12 recovered fumbles, the Golden Flashes lead the MAC in turnover margin with a +20. Kent State also leads the conference in fourth-down conversions, 11-of-15.

Kent State is led by Dri Archer, who leads the conference in touchdowns (16), yards per kick return (42.1) and all-purpose yards (1,772).

You can watch Saban talk about his alma mater in the press conference video poste-d right below this post, or you can click here to watch it.


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